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IMPROVER Powder for Racing Pigeons A unique patent protected product (natural organic acids).  Protects your pigeons against bacterial diseases and Improve their immune defence as well as improving their overall performance in both flying and breeding. WHY CHOOSE IMPROVER?    Your Racing Pigeon needs to be at its optimum health for maximum benefits during moulting, breeding and racing. IMPROVER aids in the prevention of bacterial diseases in pigeons such as: E-coli Paratyphoid Salmonella Trichomoniasis Gallinae (Canker) and more! The lowering of pH and the synergistic effect from B-vitamins: Balance the micro flora all year long Reduces sickness dramatically Reduces use of antibiotics Improve the pigeon’s performance throughout the year: Improves their immune defence system Improves their performance in both flying and breeding Eases the moulting season, makes their feathers grow faster and with high quality Get a strong body Dosage: 1 x measuring spoon 2.5gr per 5 litres of drinking water 2~3 days a week. Can be mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar 5ml per litre of water. Size: 125g                                                       SORRY THIS IS OUT OF STOCK. Best used with Anti-fungal powder.
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Telephone: (03) 5998 1000
Telephone: (03) 5998 1000
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