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MOULTING & BREEDING POWDER for Racing Pigeons A concentrated powder made from small energy rich grains supplemented with the essential amino acids Methionine and Lysine, selected fibres and the important Omega 3 fatty acids. Adding the amino acids lysine and methionine to the grain will achieve close to a perfect balanced protein source for the pigeons. WHY CHOOSE MOULTING & BREEDING POWDER?    Adding the Moulting and breeding powder to the breeders secure strong and healthy breeders and young birds in the breeding season, and also silky and strong feathers in the moulting season. It is also beneficial to add to the grain of long distance racers the 2-3 first days after arrival. Dosage: Breeding: 1 spoon (or 2 x included spoon, 10 gr.) per kilo of grain daily in the breeding period until they are weaned (moved to YB loft). Moisten grain with Omega 3 oil. Moulting: 1 spoon daily per kilo grain in the most intensive moulting period. Moisten grain with Omega 3 oil. Racing: Add 1 spoon per kilo of grain. Moisten grain with Omega 3 oil. To be given to long distance pigeons 2-3 first days after arrival from race 1 x teaspoon full per 1kg of feed twice a week. Moisten feed with omega 3 or flaxseed oil. Size 700g
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Telephone: (03) 5998 1000
Telephone: (03) 5998 1000
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