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OREGO-STIM Natural for Pigeons Remarkable results, Improves moulting, silkier feathering healthier looking. Maximises intestinal health with less money spent on medication. Safe and easy to use, less wastage money saving Orego-Stim Pigeon is compatible with all other products such as grits, vitamins and minerals. WHY CHOOSE OREGO-STIM SUPPLEMENT?    Your Racing Pigeon needs to be at its optimum health for maximum benefits during moulting, breeding and racing. OREGO-STIM is an invaluable aid to recovery with a very rapid return to peak condition after racing, training, wet droppings and young bird sickness. OREGO-STIM KEY BENEFITS    Helps maintain a healthy immune system Drier droppings Maximises intestinal health Healthier birds = Remarkable results Dosage 10m per 2.5 litres of drinking water daily Size: 1 Litre                                      
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Telephone: (03) 5998 1000
Telephone: (03) 5998 1000
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