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OXY-B Powder for Racing Pigeons The most important vitamins for lifting breeding and racing performance are no doubt the B-vitamins. Oxy-B powder contains them all as concentrates; -  enriched with selected anti-oxidants. WHY CHOOSE OXY-B SUPPLEMENT?    B-vitamins are known as essential for great racing performance of pigeons. There are also many benefits to the breeders: B1 and B2 are important for healthy development and functioning of the muscles, nerves, and heart  - also stimulate appetite! B3 helps regulate the nervous and digestive systems and B5 and B12 are required for normal growth and development. B6 supports the immune system and aids the body in metabolism of proteins. B7 is involved in the production of hormones while B9 helps cells make and maintain DNA. Dosage: Breeders:  1 measure spoon of 2,5 gr added per kilo of grain with Omega 3 oil. Do this procedure daily 10 days before pairing up until 1 week after. Use once a week through the whole breeding season. Racers: 1 teaspoon per kilo of food with Omega 3 or Turbo Flight oil the day before basketing.  Size 400g Box
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