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OMEGA3 OIL for Racing Pigeons The most essential Omega 3 (ALA, EPA, DHA) from cold pressed rape seed oil blended with Pigeon Vitality Omega-3 Oil the best pure Arctic marine oils enriched with the great antioxidant Asthaxantin. This combination is beneficial for Racing Pigeons, Young Birds, Breeders in all seasons. The racers:   The Omega-3 oils are both good energy sources and beneficial for the energy hormones. The result is great performance of the racing birds the whole season. Recommended dosage: 5 ml / litre grain the day after race ad 2-3 succeeding days before basketing. The breeders: The essential Omega 3 strengthen the breeders and YBs immune defence system. Recommended dosage: When raising YBs, 5 ml Omega 3 per litre grain, best results achieved when mixed with Pigeon Vitality’s Moulting and Breeding Powder. The young birds:   After weaning, give the young birds Omega 3 once-twice a week, 5 ml /litre grain, e.g when MultiViTra is given. When training and racing season approach, follow the dosage recommended for the racers The moulting season: All birds will benefit from Omega 3 daily in the moulting season, preferably given with Moulting and Breeding Powder (daily) and in addition MultiViTra once-twice a week. Dosage: 5 ml/litre grain. Size: 500ml Bottle
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