Centaur Respivet

Dosage:  1.5ml to 2 litres of drinking water for 2 days before basketing or after a race.  
Repeat every three weeks.


Respivet IMMUNO liquid garlic and eucalyptus. Aids in the prevention of respiratory diseases. Developed to treat the racers through the racing season.

A liquid supplement to maintain respiratory health in racing pigeons.


Natural ingredients - no side-effects
Treatment of bacterial and fungal infections or parasitic invasions, especially in the respiratory tract, including Mycoplasma.

Strong anti-bacetrial anti-fungal and anti-inflamatory action; indications: salmonellosis, colibacteriosis, necrotic enteritis.

Secretolytic action (cleansing of the respiratory system.)
Dilatation of the airways - making breathing easier.
Improvement of the immunologic status.
Liver and cardiovascular system protection.
Digestion enhancement.

Thoroughly tested with good results

Size: 100ml Bottle IN STOCK.

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