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Inca Pigeon & Poultry Wormer 500ml

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Inca pigeon and poultry wormer does most worms in birds and pigeons



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Inca Piperazine Solution 500ml. For poultry, pigeons and pigs. For the treatment of Round Worms (Ascaridia Galli) in Poultry (Ascaridia columbae) in Pigeons; Round Worms (Ascaris suum) and Nodule Worms (Oesophagostomum spp) in Pigs. Active constituent: 172.5 g/L piperazine anhydrous.

Dosage: Birds Under 7 weeks of age: 40mL Piperazine in 2L water

7 - 8 weeks of age: 50mL Piperazine in 2L water
9 - 12 weeks of age: 60mL Piperazine in 5L water
13 - 16 weeks of age: 60mL Piperazine in 7L water
17 - 20 weeks of age: 70mL Piperazine in 9L water

Over 20 weeks of age: 90mL Piperazine in 11L water. Provide according to number of birds in pen. When medicated water is consumed provide water for remainder of day.

Do not provide plain water until medicated water is consumed. For use in wet mash: Mix according to dose rate table with sufficient water to prepare mash. Repeat after 6 weeks.

Size: 500ml

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