OXY-B Liquid

Dosage:  Breeders: 5 ml per litre water twice a week.
Racers: 5 ml per litre water the day before basketing. 


A unique product with a balanced mixture of the much needed B-Vitamins & antioxidants which strengthen the pigeons ability to fight infection and disease.

Essential for racing pigeons and particularly beneficial during the moulting and breeding season and more especially in the first 3 weeks of the young birds life.

Assists the build of muscles, helps the red blood cells and guarantees excellent condition of the pigeons throughout the racing season.


B-vitamins are known as essential for great racing performance of pigeons. There are also many benefits to the breeders: B1 and B2 are important for healthy development and functioning of the muscles, nerves, and heart - also stimulate appetite!

B3 helps regulate the nervous and digestive systems and B5 and B12 are required for normal growth and development. B6 supports the immune system and aids the body in metabolism of proteins. B7 is involved in the production of hormones while B9 helps cells make and maintain DNA.

Size: 250ml Bottle OUT OF STOCK.

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