Omega 3 Oil

Dosage:  The racers: The Omega-3 oils are both good energy sources and beneficial for the energy hormones. The result is great performance of the racing birds the whole season. Recommended dosage: 5 ml / litre grain the day after race ad 2-3 succeeding days before basketing.  
The breeders:  The essential Omega 3 strengthen the breeders and YBs immune defence system. Recommended dosage: When raising YBs, 5 ml Omega 3 per litre grain, best results achieved when mixed with Pigeon Vitality’s Moulting and Breeding Powder.  
The young birds:  After weaning, give the young birds Omega 3 once-twice a week, 5 ml /litre grain, e.g. When training and racing season approach, follow the dosage recommended for the racers.  
The moulting season:  All birds will benefit from Omega 3 daily in the moulting season, preferably given with Moulting and Breeding Powder once-twice a week.

Dosage: 5 ml/litre food. 


Pigeon Vitality Arctic oil is blended from cold pressed rape seed oil, cod liver oil and salmon oil. This scientifically developed oil mixture is a great source of energy for the pigeons. Ideal for the development of strong healthy young birds.

Ideal for show and racing pigeons and for use during the moulting and breeding season, when the high oil content and added formulation of natural ingredients encourage the shedding of feathers and creates strong, smooth quality feathering and healthy re-growth of plumage.

Size: 500ml Bottle OUT OF STOCK.

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