Tricoli-Stop Powder

Dosage:  Add 1 x heaped measure level (8 gram) to the grain and mix well. The grain can be mixed in advance with e.g. Omega 3 oil.
One kilo of grain is given to 50 pigeons so each pigeons eats at least 20 gram in average.


Tricoli-STOP™ Powder can be used all year round for treatment against canker. This is the most revolutionary and unique natural product compared to medicine. The racers can be treated in the racing season without loosing condition or form.


ONLY - Tricoli-STOP, removes 99.8 % of Trichomonas / Canker within 3 hours
Suppresses the E-Coli in the pigeon within hours
Rapidly improves the condition of the pigeon
Cleans and refreshes the liver of the pigeon
Contains only pure natural organic substances and vitamins


TriColi STOP contains natural organic acids and should not be given to youngsters younger than 4 weeks of age or to breeders with youngsters.

Size: 100gr OUT OF STOCK.

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