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Centaur Power Up 250ml - Physical Condition

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CENTAUR POWER UP for racing pigeons. Stimulates muscles. Increases endurance and stamina



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CENTAUR POWER UP for racing pigeons. Power Up was designed to enhance stamina and speed in racing pigeons. This Liquid supplement increases blood supply and flow to all organs and muscles, increases utilization of oxygen in the cells.

Stimulates muscles. Increases endurance, stamina and bird's speed. Prevents dehydration during long flights Improves focus and mental alertness

Composition: extract from Red Beet. Properties and action: increases blood supply and flow to all organs and muscles, increases utilization of oxygen in the cells stimulates muscles increases endurance and stamina increases bird's speed improves focus and mental alertness prevents dehydration during long flights.

Main Beet Micro-nutrients: Betanin High level of betanin provides highly effective antioxidant support.

Betanin protects cell from degeneration - especially in cardiovascular system. Allows blood to flow with greater ease and improves the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to muscles, brain and other organs.

Betaine: Another important nutrient is Betaine. It protects liver and cardiovascular systems. It neutralizes toxins, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients. Stimulates the body to make creatine which enhances muscle strength. Betaine blocks harmful catabolic enzymes.

Very important betaine's function is the ability to slow water loss in birds during long flights. Iron Beets are one of the best sources of easily absorbed iron. A healthy level of iron is necessary to carry oxygen to all body organs. Proper iron level is especially important during intensive physical activity. Preventing iron deficiency during such periods is necessary for optimal muscle function.

Resveratrol: Beet extract contains a considerable amount of resveratrol. Being a strong antioxidant it protects the cardiovascular, nervous systems and promotes eye health.

Phytosterols: Those molecules play a role in protecting the cardiovascular system, promoting muscle repair, maintaining balance within the body's immune system and lowering cholesterol absorption.

Dosage: 5 ml per 2.5 litres of drinking water, the day of basketing or 2 days before the race.

Size: 250ml

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